Sunday, January 17, 2010

Advertising share doesn't match time spent for Internet and Newspapers

(HT Business Insider via Tod Loofbourrow)

If advertisers are paying for "attention" then they don't seem to be allocating their dollars very efficiently across different media. The news is not good for newspapers.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

How much would YOU pay to read a newspaper online?

(Posted by Mikhail Turilin)

According to Fast Company
Harris asked one simple question to 2,000 adults who regularly surf the Web: "How much, if anything, would you be willing to pay per month in order to read a daily newspaper's content online?" Before you read on--have a think about that yourself, and come up with a figure you'd find acceptable.
Click through to see what the survey says.

This survey has some weaknesses. A more relevant comparison audience for subscriptions vs. advertising would be newspaper readers, not all web surfers. Also, it would have been useful to report some more disaggregated numbers than the $1-$10 category per month. How many people would pay $2 a month? How about $0.75/month? Is that more than they generate in ad revenue from that person?

Nonetheless, the data are a warning for the majority of newspapers who provide relatively undifferentiated content.