Saturday, January 16, 2010

How much would YOU pay to read a newspaper online?

(Posted by Mikhail Turilin)

According to Fast Company
Harris asked one simple question to 2,000 adults who regularly surf the Web: "How much, if anything, would you be willing to pay per month in order to read a daily newspaper's content online?" Before you read on--have a think about that yourself, and come up with a figure you'd find acceptable.
Click through to see what the survey says.

This survey has some weaknesses. A more relevant comparison audience for subscriptions vs. advertising would be newspaper readers, not all web surfers. Also, it would have been useful to report some more disaggregated numbers than the $1-$10 category per month. How many people would pay $2 a month? How about $0.75/month? Is that more than they generate in ad revenue from that person?

Nonetheless, the data are a warning for the majority of newspapers who provide relatively undifferentiated content.

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