Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Plan for Long Term Growth

A proper US investment recovery plan has five parts.

The first is a significant boost in investments in clean energy and an upgraded national power grid. ...

The second is a decade-long programme of infrastructure renovation, with projects such as high-speed inter-city rail, water and waste treatment facilities and highway upgrading...

The third component is more education spending at secondary, vocation and bachelor-degree levels, to recognise the reality that tens of millions of American workers lack the advanced skills needed to achieve full employment at the salaries that the workers expect. The unemployment crisis is largely a structural crisis of job skills. It is hitting young workers – many of whom should still be learning – and older workers who lack a degree....

That's from the five part economic recovery plan of Jeffrey Sachs which is squarely focused on long term growth, even as it helps us out of our current slump. Click on the link to learn parts four and five.


  1. High Speed Inter-city Rail? Oops. No, we do not need a high speed version of 1820's technology to serve a few people, occasionally. We need solutions to oil dependency and congestion problems that many people face nearly every day. I see this error propagated over and over by thought leaders. For much better ideas, see and

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  4. Yeah, I agree to Bruce. I was surprised to see this. But instead of High Speed Inter-city Rail, US needs High Speed Internet Cable to cope with increasing information data in our lives.