Saturday, September 7, 2013

Income Redistribution in the Information Economy

In her TED talk, Chrystia Freeland discusses how globalization and the technology revolution are economic drivers of income redistribution towards the top end.


  1. Interesting point of view on how technology development can enrich our lives and at the same time can either decrease or increase unemployment and income inequality. I came upon a video clip that visualized 'Wealth Inequality in America'. Pretty shocking.

  2. The key word of that TED talk is the "delay" on observing the adjustments of the economy (as in the industrial revolution). If the economy wont adjust properly and rapidly, then we are in danger of experience social revolutions movements.

  3. A thought provoking talk. I think it’s difficult to enjoy the benefits of technological advancements and globalization without those exact same benefits fueling crony plutocracy. The larger question here becomes how do we maximize the benefits of globalization and technological advancements while simultaneously minimizing the negative side effects?