Monday, October 26, 2009

The App Store Effect: Are iPhone Apps Headed for Oblivion?

(Posted by Courtney Skay)

I thought this was an interesting article to add.


  1. We might see some bundling in the App store in the near future. The lower the marginal costs and the higher the distribution costs, the more sense it makes to bundle. On the marginal side, we know that they are already close to zero. However, as the App store gets bigger and bigger, distribution costs will increase (if nobody downloads your app is like if it didn't exist) because companies will need to market their apps in order to sell them. Under this scenario, bundling makes perfect sense, especially for utility-type software where complementarity is key

  2. The first one up is Zombies Run. This app is the only reason I get any exercise, it's a brilliant story telling device. Essentially it puts you as a character into this post zombie apocalyptic world, Track Viber