Thursday, October 15, 2009

Articles on Online Media/Publishing

(Posted by Anand Mohanrangan)

I came across a couple of articles on online media/publishing that seem relevant given our discussion of SMR.

The first is a debate between Clay Shirky and Steve Brill about the impact of the internet on media and can one charge for content

The second is an opinion piece by the CEO of Associated Press about the future of the newspaper business

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  1. I found this article in AdAge today about Steve Brill, founder of Journalism online. When Anand posted this original article a while ago, Brill was engaged in a debate with Clay Shirky about pay walls. Now Brill says "the debate is over" and that news should go behind some kind of pay wall:

    This pay wall Newsday is erecting isn't complete: some content is still free, but this article points to some alternate business models that could help keep the news business profitable. Of these, I found the Tribune365 approach the most interesting. The Tribune Company will begin gathering data on its viewers by asking for registration information. That information will then be used for targeted advertising. For the past few years, print publications have mostly been in the business of selling audiences to advertisers rather than making money from subscriptions, so the targeted advertising approach seems to be a natural extension of what they're already doing. Still, will that granular user data be valuable enough to advertisers to keep Tribune in business?