Monday, October 13, 2014

Jobs of the Future

Interesting article on the uncertain and fascinating future of jobs and the workforce. This article suggests that technology will free up human beings from mundane and routine tasks, so they can spend their time on more creative and artistic pursuits. Sounds like a wonderful future but raises important questions about who will lose their jobs first, and how will wealth be shared between the skilled" and unskilled citizens of the future.

Thanks Pierre Dennery for the link!

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  1. Dear Dr. Brynjolfsson! You might also find interesting the following two IMHO relevant resources. The first one is a TED talk by Jeremy Howard on advancements and current state of machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) (including benefits as well as potential social and economical problems, associated with the above - that brief discussion starts at about 16:30 in the video): The second resource is a video "Humans Need Not Apply", which in more detail discusses the socio-technical and socio-economical issues of the rapid adoption of ML/AI and robotics: In my humble opinion, both videos and their topics are as scary, as they are fascinating. Best regards, Aleksandr Blekh.