Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apply Pay

Techcrunch reports from Apple's iPhone event on 9/9/2014.

"Confirming rumors and leaks, Apple announced this morning that the new iPhone 6 devices will support mobile payments. The feature, which also uses Apple’s Touch ID, will take advantage of NFC technology. That means users will be able to pay for goods and others services in the real world using the payment information already associated with their iTunes accounts.". Read the full article here.

There are also rumors about 'i-watch' incorporating mobile pay,nets using NFC technology. More on that here.


  1. I am actually very curious to see if Apple can start the new trend of mobile/watch payment where so many failed. Will see in the couple months...

  2. I may be a bit late on this, but it'd be interesting to see how this payment war between Apple vs. others pan out. Interestingly, PayPal launched an interesting marketing campaign:

    Compared to internet giants like Google, which couldn't make Google Wallet a reality, I am quite bullish on Apple that its combination of software (iTunes/iOS) + hardware (phone, watch) will bring mobile payments into reality.