Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Uber now is testing self-driving cars (with human in front seat, just in case)

Will Knight took a ride in Uber's self-driving cars in Pittsburgh.  Here's a key sentence from his article in MIT Technology Review: "Several times the person behind the wheel needed to take control [of Uber's self-driving car]"


  1. I saw this trending on Facebook this morning. I can't say I'm surprised that the human had to take the wheel. I think this technology is at least another 5 years away from becoming a reality in the US. As a rider, I would be concerned about safety but I also wouldn't want to be staring at a screen of the car's sensors the whole time, worried that it's going to crash. I'd rather be enjoying the ride and doing other things. Not sure if anyone heard, but an MIT startup called Nutonomy is already testing without humans in the front seat in Singapore.

  2. We were recently introduced to the concept of taxi-meter effect, where the consumer can't enjoy a specific product/service because of the uncertainty in the price, and I have a similar hunch about automated driving systems. It requires a huge mindset change to trust a machine to ply people around safely.