Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Google’s $400 Million Bet Is Starting to Pay Off

Classmate Jerry Woytash sends over the following article, "Google's $400 Million Bet Is Starting to Pay Off." It's an interesting look at Alphabet's initial steps to commercialize its A.I. research. Author Jeremy Kahn writes,
... DeepMind continues to remain independent from its parent company, but its contribution to Google’s product launch is well timed. It reported its first-ever revenues – 40 million pounds ($52 million) in 2016 – from products and services it supplied to other Alphabet companies, according to filings made public on the U.K. business registry Companies House on Monday.
This is just one example of how DeepMind is starting to help Google. Some others that DeepMind has been willing to talk about include supplying algorithms that have helped Google boost the energy efficiency of its data centers by 15 percent, and also improvements to Google’s core ad words product that DeepMind says it cannot detail... 

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