Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Netflix of Fashion

Classmate Rachel Moore has gone above and beyond the call of duty, sending three articles on StitchFix, the new company using machine-learning to design clothes.

Here's Quartz's version of the story and an interactive page from the company itself. Fast Company also provides a helpful backgrounder on the firm and what it's up to. See a sample below.

Here’s how Stitch Fix normally works: Customers join the site, fill out a detailed questionnaire about their size, how they like their clothing to fit, what their style is like, what colors they love and loathe, and how often they dress for certain occasions (like work, events, dates, etc.). Last year, the company introduced a Pinterest integration that lets the company learn more about what customers want. Users can create boards of images they like–which can come from any source–and algorithms analyze the assortment and feed that information into a customer’s profile. Using all that data, an algorithm then mines Stitch Fix’s inventory to find pieces that match their profile.

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